Wednesday, 14 December 2011


Well, not really. I don't have a master plan or anything.
But, yes - I'm back! As you have noticed (or I'll just say so and hope that anyone noticed my absence, haha), this blog has been closed for a while. I had no idea what to write about anymore, and also I wanted to do something new here.
One new thing is - I'm writing in English from now on. Why? Because there aren't too many German speaking people that are interested in the things I am interested in, so, yeah. Plus, I love to communicate with people all over the globe - in English, of course. Last but not least - I'm still improvable, so by writing in English I hope it'll improve my English skills. And it's just fun!
So yeah, those are the main reasons why this blog will be in English from now on. One smaller reason is that English just sounds so much better, haha! :D

So, what could I write about, since there has been a lot of stuff going on in the past few months? Maybe I could explain the title of this post, since it's kinda .. weird? Maybe? XD
It's a line from the song "I'm Back" by Danson Tang, a Taiwanese actor and Mandopop singer. Well, I don't listen to him, I only know that one song. And this is because that song is featured by Amber Liu - a member of the South Korean girl group f(x) (the line in the title, "I'm back with a master plan for action", is rapped by Amber, by the way). I found out about them 1-2 months ago, and now I totally adore them! I often find new people like actors or something which I start to admire then, but it has been a long time since I've been that addicted to a singer or band/group. I wished I would have found out about them when they debuted two years ago, but well, better late than never!

Let me just introduce f(x) and tell you something about their members, or rather what I think about them and who's my favourite. :3

Victoria (top row, left) - She's the oldest member of f(x), 24 years old, and the group's vocalist, main dancer and leader. When I got into f(x), she was my favourite. *_* Because I just thought she was so pretty, haha. I still think so, and I still like her, of course (well, I like all of them)! And I think she's really lovely and funny. I haven't watched the show We Got Married yet, where she appeared in, but I really have to as soon as possible! :D

Krystal (top row, middle) - I just can't believe I'm older than her. Well, I'm older than anyone except Victoria, but Krystal just seems to be so mature and all. Much more than me, I think XD Well, she's only 17 and the youngest member, maknae, of the group. Also she's the lead vocalist and visual (I still haven't found out what's meant by visual, but yeah. If you know, please tell me! :D). Recently I start liking her more and more. She's great!

Sulli (top row, right) - Aw, the cutest ever. In the beginning, I didn't like her that much, dunno why. But she's so lovely and cute, you just have to like her. Some people say she's bad at dancing, but I don't think so. And even when she does some mistakes from time to time, I think that just makes her more adorable :D And I so love her laugh - it's the kind of laugh that makes you want to laugh out loud, too; even if you don't know what you're laughing about.
Oh, yeah - her postion in the group is vocalist, rapper and visual.

And here come my two favourites!

Amber (bottom row, left) - Oh, where should I start. Let me introduce you the only girl in this entire world that makes me doubt my sexuality, haha. But I really like her - her looks, her way of talking, her English :D, her rapping, her singing (!), her style (not my kind of style though, but it really suits her) and just everything. I think she's a really cool person and it would be really fun to have a girlfriend like her. In f(x), her position is vocalist and main rapper.

Luna (bottom row, right) - Last but not least, Luna! She's so pretty and lovely ;_; And her voice. I just - .. yeah, as I said about a hundred times so far: I just love it. And since I watched the first two episodes of Hello f(x), I like her even more. :) Her position is main vocalist and lead dancer.

So that's it. The first song I listened to was "Hot Summer" - a cover of the German girl group Monrose. Well .. I prefer f(x)'s version :D Even though Monrose's voices are stronger and all, but yeah. The second song I listened to was "Pinocchio (Danger)" - one of my absolutely favourites!
The music video is great, but I loved their performance at the Melon Music Awards 2011:

If you like that, make sure to check out more of them! :)

Meanwhile I started listening to some other K-Pop groups, as well - such as miss A, SHINee, Super Junior, TVXQ, .. and so on. I like what I heard so far of them - but none of them got me that addicted like f(x). :D
I don't know if anyone remembers what I told a while ago when I started this blog. Back then, I didn't really know much about South Korea. I only knew that I want to learn the language sometime, because I really like Asian languages and I think it's a cool thing to understand a lot of languages - or be even able to communicate in them. That's why I named my blog jangnae, which is Korean for "future".
I'm so happy I finally got into it - South Korea, I mean. ♥ Oh my, I think Asian cultures are so amazing. ;_; In case you're wondering or something XD - Yes, I still like Japan, and yes, I'm still learning the language and YES, I still want to go there. I so do. *_*

That's why I'm really happy my loveliest best friend started learning Japanese at university now, and even is watching Japanese dramas now! *_* Well, one so far. Hana Yori Dango, one of the best!
♥ I love love love it. And she does, too, what makes me REALLY happy! I love to talk about things I like, and when the other person - my friend, in this case - likes the thing(s) as much as I do, it's just perfect. Yay.

Alright, I guess that's enough for now. I'll leave you some of the chocolate christmas cookies my mum and I are going to bake now and hope you'll enjoy your stay on my little, weird, fangirling .. uh .. blog. Yeah. :D


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